Optimizations That Aren't, Or Are They?

A few years back, I read a quite unique blog about C++. It was actually one of the first times I was exposed to the concept of technical blogs. And with it the whole concept of learning software development outside the education system (e.g., the good old courses, exercises and sitting in a class being taught by a teacher). It is, to the date, one of my favorite blog posts and a cornerstone in my desire to write my own blog. Read more

Long break coming to an end

After a relatively long break, I want to share with you some updates about the future of this blog. As some of you might have noted, I had a very long period without new posts coming in. It is about time to share what had changed the last few months and a little about what the future holds. Read more

Rust for OOP - Closures

Turning functions into first-class citizens in our programming languages is one of the major changes of the decade. Well, kind of. The concept, also known as lambda, is far from new. Functional programming languages had it from the very start, during the late ’50s. Even some of the object-oriented languages like Python had it quite early, back in 1994. However it became an official part of C++ only in 2011, and Java brought it even later in 2014. And with those two languages and many others, it became the norm, even for non-functional programming. As first-class citizens, functions can be saved as variables or transfer as arguments to functions easily. Read more